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Limewash is an eco-friendly and sustainable way to transform any exterior wall or surface with a unique and beautiful finish. It is a traditional paint made from lime and water that is applied directly to the surface and easily wipes away. And no, there’s not an actual lime fruit in there- it’s powdered limestone! Limewash is highly breathable, allowing moisture to escape and preventing dampness from forming. It is also extremely durable, providing a lasting and vibrant finish that won’t fade. Additionally, limewash is low-VOC and contains no toxic chemicals, making it a safe and healthy option for your home. With limewash, you can bring a unique and timeless, Old-World look to your home that is sure to stand the test of time. This service is hard to find in the Pensacola area. No worries though, you found us!




Q: What is the limewash process and does it take a lot of time to complete? 

A: It’s actually quite easy! We simply paint on the limewash coats, let that dry a bit, and continue with the “spray-off” process. 


Q: Is limewash durable?

A: Yes! Thanks to its chemical composition, limewash protects porous brick from all weather elements. It even repels bugs, prevents mold and mildew on brick, and provides better air quality inside your home. However, like every paint job, it does fade over time. But, that’s the look limewash creates anyway- a worn style! 


Q: Why choose limewash over a normal paint job? 

A: As mentioned before, limewash has a unique composition that actually penetrates the brick. Due to this, limewash requires way less maintenance as it does not peel or chip like regular paint would overtime. 


Q: Is it better to DIY limewash or hire a company? Why Richard Ingram Painting? 

A: Yeah, it’s an easy process. But, maybe not so easy without the right tools and experience! We come ready with the perfect limewash mixture (the key to executing limewash properly) and all the right equipment including our team, making the process a lot more efficient. 



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