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Interior Painting

Whether you are interested in a fresh new look or just protecting your valuable investment, painting is at the top of the list. Your home or office is one of your most valued assets and should be maintained. That is where we come in. We use top of the line Sherwin Williams paint that provides, not only the best in protection/wear qualities, but an expansive line of colors and textures to enhance your space. Today is a great day to make that important decision to paint and protect. 

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Exterior Painting

A wise investment with a long term payback is exactly what you receive in keeping the exterior of your home or office protected. We use first class paint and techniques to guard against the harsh environments here along the gulf coast due to sun, rain and wind damage. You need a trusted source for providing this painting service and we at Richard Ingram Painting not only have the expertise but also the goal of complete customer satisfaction working on your behalf.​

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A service that is very hard to find in the Pensacola area. No worries, you found us! Limewash is a paint process used for thousands of years that creates white-wash effects with a lime and water mixture. It exhibits an Old-World feel by exposing while also protecting some of your beautiful brick through fresh paint. Limewash protects your brick from weather, repels bugs, and increases better air quality throughout your home. 

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Do you have a worn/cracking wooden door or deck that could use a makeover? We have the experience and the know-how to restore that wood to a rich, new look while protecting against the elements. 


   Concrete floors can be enhanced with modern staining techniques which is our specialty. Durable concrete floors provide many years of dependable service that can also be brought alive with the many vivid colors and textures that are available. 

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Dry Wall

Whoops! Suddenly there is a hole in your drywall- another accident. Who do you call? Call us as we are not only qualified but stand ready to respond as needed. Whether it is just a texture touchup or a complete repair/repaint, we are totally commited to meet your needs. Professional and dependable-that is what you will find at Richard Ingram Painting.  

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Pressure Washing

 From concrete driveways to stubborn siding, we have the complete solution for you. We use top grade equipment with professionally trained associates to restore your home or office to "like new" condition. You will be pleasantly suprised with the look you receive with minimal investment.... The Talk of the Neighborhood!  

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Wood Replacement

Have you found rotting wood around your home or office? Before a small problem becomes a major deal, we have a solution for you. Call us to come assess the situation and provide a reliable, long lasting answer at a resonable price. No job is too small or too large for us to correct. Call today!  

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